Art Is Profitable. Learn how to apply business fundamentals to your art practice and build a thriving brand.

Stop spinning your wheels. Stop listening to ‘yet another’ business podcast. Stop collecting content that will never actually get you success as a creative. Find your own definition of success by learning some simple business strategies and applying proven tools and systems that will help you stop floundering as a creative business owner and make a profit. Build a plan, find clarity and make sales.
Done For You Tools And Templates For Creative Business owners

A Ton Of Done-For-You Templates And Tools

Pre-made templates for social media, email marketing, websites, copywriting guides and so much more—all with plug-and-play content based on what is working right now.

One on one creative business consulting

One-On-One Business Consulting

Weekly live video workshops and access to weekly calls where you can verbally ask any questions and get the help you need to keep your business moving.

Make and market your art with a plan

Make & Market Your Work With A Plan

What to post on social media, when to send emails, how to take back your finances, how to execute a holiday campaign—know how to market & make your work and move it forward too.

Make Your Creative Business Different

Be Different & Create Demand

Stand out from the millions of other artists doing the same thing as you. Create a brand and set apart your business from every other creative trying to do the same thing. 

It takes more than creativity & craftsmanship to build a profitable art business.

You're a maker. You make things. Things that people want to buy. But making, marketing and aligning everything is a whole new can of worms. Balancing life, your craft and getting found it’s bumming you out, right? There just seems to be no time to do “all the things”. You know that you should have a plan, but in the words of Phoebe Buffet - you might not even have a “pla-”.


That's where My Maker School comes in! This online course will not only teach you business basics, but provide a loving (and gentle) kick in the pants to GET. IT. DONE (the things that actually bring you profit). With community, a mentor, done-for-you tools and templates, and a freaking plan, you can get out of your head and finally see growth in your business. 

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Let's get real...really, freaking focused.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, unsure and completely hopeless as a small business owner. After working for branding and design agencies and hating every darn minute of it, because all I heard was that somehow the work I did put some extra (rather large) dollars into some corporate account...

It took me a while to discover my direction and determine my goals but once I discovered my “WHY”—helping creatives build a highly profitable business, I became freaking obsessed. I love that I get to help small businesses instead of some corporate giant. I finally had a mission for myself, I set up a strategy, kicked some self-limiting beliefs and started building business processes that made the work go faster, learned how to work focused, and set off on my journey as a brand consultant and business guruall while being a mother and changing a lot of diapers. I figure it's time I share my tools so you can benefit too.

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This is what you get:

 This environment sets the building blocks you need so you can implement, revise, and relaunch all at your own pace—with feedback! Because we all take different trips to success. That means you can always come back and pick up where you left off...


Get 24/7 access to all the mentoring and support you can handle in our Facebook group, weekly livestream Q&A's and private 1-on-1 calls. You'll never feel alone or isolated again, and instead of endlessly digesting and searching for a business solution online you can always find help in our Facebook group, where we help you stay on track, encourage you, and be gently pushed forward when you need it.


We could all use a bit more collaboration these days. Surround yourself in a community of like-minded artists and professionals that are in the course, doing the THING! Associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you, people that encourage you too. To change our bad habits we need to change who we surround ourselves with, so join an active environment of entrepreneurs and artists, share stories, get help, make friends and celebrate wins.

Proven Process

I have spent years (about 20 actually) determining how to help small businesses and fortune 500 brands profit. I have developed a full-stack process for building and scaling a creative business. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven in both theory AND practice. I have combined my done-for-you tools and templates so you can discover, grow, and build your business in less time.

Change How You Think

My goal is to help you get unstuck. In your mind, and your business. Picasso said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” I believe this is the key to success in anything and I want you to understand business and strategy like you never knew you could, and then apply the tools feverishly to your business. 

Membership means unlimited access

This course has no time-limit! Yep. You heard that right.

No flashy tactics—or time limit. This environment sets the building blocks you need so you can implement, revise, and relaunch all at your own pace—with feedback! 

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Success Stories

The proof is in the pudding (Or the cake…whichever you prefer) You can have it and eat it too…

Your level of success is determined by your willingness to follow the course, push in, get a little messy and follow through. Your ability to see real results in your business is determined by your ability to lean into the uncomfortable, because when that happens something truly magical happens within us and our business changes for the better. Here are a few amazing artists and creative entrepreneurs I have had the pleasure of “gently pushing”.

Mind's Eye Journals

"Before working with Heather and her strategies I was a young artist just floating through the ocean with lots of ideas, and didn't know where to put these ideas or how to organize them. She really helped me to make sense of all that, and compartmentalize them so I can take them into a place where we can actually execute those ideas. I was in business for about 8 years before meeting heather, you know plenty of notches on my belt, but still pretty green in hindsight. She truly forced me to look at my customers and helped me to really get to know who they are. It's helped me realize so many things, not just in business decisions and marketing decisions and things like that but also emotionally, what my role is in my life you know, I am able to make stronger connections with my audiences. She has just brought so much help and value to my business all across the board. I see a hockey stick in my business every time I work with Heather. It just brings me so much joy to be working with a fellow creative, we speak the same language and I think one of her strengths, I have worked with other people, but SHE can apply it to real life, in the real world and not everybody has the ability to design something for real life application. I want to take whatever advice she has and run with it, and I know it will be great and I will work out. Heather is amazing, and very knowledgeable and kind of puts a vocabulary to some of the things I instinctively knew - she is a 10. Incredibly understanding, very patient, and is so good about listening and coming up with some brilliant thing and I am always jaw dropped at the ideas."


Mockup Hub

"My biggest AHA moment with you was, looking at my old messages from finding you on Instagram, you brought me clarity, then the systems, and helpe my workflow. My mindset has completely changed. I went from "I'm so nervous, I'm going to puke" to "I am signing my first contract." I've gotten more out of this for my business and even more for personal stuff than I ever thought I would. I give her a 10*, hire her!"

- Rachel

Dandelion Floral

"Heather's strategies helped me think bigger, helped me make things happen and questioned my self-limiting beliefs I had. I now have a studio space, a retail space and I am about to move into another bigger space. She helped me identify what I needed and pushed me in that direction even though I was keeping myself from going there. She is the friend that dishes the truth and pushes you to take care OF THE THINGS and do what it takes. Helping me discover my ideal clients, revisiting and refining the business essentials and how I talk and approach them, the branding, etc I find myself putting myself back on track. I can apply the things I learn to go forward in my business, in whatever direction I choose. To be able to balance my life and move forward where I want to go. Working with Heather will change your life and your business."


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Ready To Get.It.Done?

This online course will not only teach you business basics, but provide a loving (and gentle) kick in the pants to GET. IT. DONE (the things that actually bring you profit).  With community, a mentor, done-for-you tools and templates, and a freaking plan, you can get out of your head and finally see growth in your business.  

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