Success Stories


Mockup Hub

Rachel sells mock-up photos to creative apparel brands. When she came to me she was selling one-off mock-ups for $5 apiece on Etsy. Together we worked on mindset and self-limiting beliefs, business strategy, brand strategy, social media, a website, and now she has a strategy for creating and selling complete packages for apparel brands. Her package rates have increased 400%.

Dandelion Florals

When the founder of Dandelion Florals came to me she was frustrated with getting customers that could pay her "anything" for her floral services. Her average clients had budgets that were about $200-$500. She wasn’t sure about her business future and was afraid to move forward. She was halfway working out of her garage and struggled to think bigger. Together with brand strategy and some mindfulness work and a new visual identity she relaunched her business with newfound clarity and direction and opened her first retail location. Today she is now in her second larger space and brings in an average wedding budget of 10-15k. She hosts workshops and retail events and is looking to create a course to expand her business. Her husband is a doctor and soon he will be joining her in her business which says a lot about the future success of her business. 


Mind's Eye Journals

Teresa has been a student for about 5 years and she sells the most amazing and captivating leather hand-bound journals. She came to me wanting to decrease her need for art shows and markets and together we created a website that converts. She has increased her yearly income from 90k to 250k and now I’m helping her open a second creative business.

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